Saturday, September 27, 2008

Layered Soaps

Making layers in soaps can be fun, even if a little tricky. The Rainbow soap is my first four layer soap in a while. I was testing some new colours and love how they turned out. Rainbow soap is scented with a fragrance called Happy which seemed very fitting.

Tipping the mould on an angle can be a great way to layer soaps in a more dramatic way. The soap on the left is Carrot and Buttermilk, scented with Orange and Cedarwood essential oils One side is made with carrot juice, the other side with buttermilk, a very thin layer of oxide seperates the halves to give visual lift. The other soap is Lilac, inspired by the different colours these sweet smelling flowers come in.


Anne-Marie said...

These look great. I especially like the darker separating line - it adds dimension and interest to the already neat bar.

Michelle said...

Your four layers is really beautiful. I love all the colors.